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10 Blogs Every Developer Should Follow in 2022

By manuals.Dev Staff

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a well-known site for knowledge exchange designed for web developers worldwide. This website is used by programmers, designers, software engineers, students, and others interested in web development.

Some ask for help with codes on this website, while others post answers that they have already tried and tested. This back-and-forth between developers makes the site more useful and creates a dynamic environment for sharing coding skills.

Here are the categories under which the Stack Overflow team writes blog posts to help their readers learn.

People who make a living by writing code

So far, the Stack Overflow community knows a lot about the teams.

The DEV Community

The Dev Community was made so software engineers and other techies could talk to each other about programming and share what they know about it. The website is set up so developers can work together to talk in-depth about certain coding topics.

With the "networked learning" strategy, the DEV community has made it a good place for developers to improve their programming skills and advance in their careers. Aside from this, the team has made an open-source program called "Forum" to help several other communities grow. Among these is their own DEV.


HackerNoon is well-known for its blog posts about software and technology. This website is where a large group of tech fans who like to read, write, and publish geeky articles can meet.

More than 15,000 people write for the blog, which is among the best places to get the latest tech news. Hackernoon tells its readers about all the tech innovations going on worldwide, from small companies to big ones.


Since 2014, developers have been able to use freeCodeCamp to learn how to code, build projects, and find jobs at some of the largest and most successful tech companies worldwide using freeCodeCamp. It has more than 8000 tutorials that help developers, from beginners to experts, learn more about coding. Developers from all over the world get together to discuss interesting coding topics and add important insights to the medium.

But it has made its curriculum for practicing coding and gives certifications to people who finish the course. This adds value to the portfolios of several software engineers and techies who want to make cool technologies.

Indie Hackers

The business that supports software technology is kept up to date by Indie Hackers. It takes a lot of creativity to increase the amount of money software development has brought to companies worldwide.

Here, developers discuss business ideas and strategies in groups that interest them. They also help other teams build tech innovations by working together. Indie hackers are sure to get startup developers interested who want to turn their ideas into big businesses.


A List Apart is a Webzine for Web Designers with a beautiful layout. Developers can read articles that show them how to do everything from design to deployment. By viewing the design from the user's perspective, the blog helps people make better design decisions.

Developers write articles about their coding strategies, new ideas, and experiences. This makes it easier for techies to understand design and development to make their software.


An online resource called GeeksforGeeks provides a variety of lessons and articles for honing your technical skills. GeeksforGeeks is a website with many articles and tutorials to help you improve at programming. By providing articles about coding languages and technologies, the blog aids in your improvement as a web developer.

With the motto "programming with practice," GeekforGeeks has also made a significant contribution by providing courses and assisting developers in obtaining suitable employment.


HoneyPot is all about finding work for Developers. It is a place where people looking for work in web development can connect with companies and people from all over the world.

Their blog is mostly about development jobs, work culture, opportunities, and the best ways to do things in different development companies. This blog may also be helpful for developers who are interested in technology, developer interviews, and research.

Slipshod Engineering

You're right; I agree. The people who work on Slack, one of the most popular tools for teams to talk to each other, have made it possible for programmers, coding updates, and development tools to all be found in one place. At Slack, developers can find full-length articles about technology written by other developers that go more in-depth.

The goal of these websites is to make a clear guide to most of the technologies Slack uses in its products. This helps other developers learn about how Slack designs and builds things.


MirrorFly is a great place for developers interested in APIs and SDKs to find advanced communication features in apps. This top API provider's integrations have helped connect millions of users across many popular apps in different industries. The blog discusses new developments in API and SDKs for communication, with important observations and updates.

Most app developers choose MirrorFly because it has many great features that make their apps more user-friendly and keep them safe. The article that the team wrote covers the ins and outs of the communication features and designs that any modern app needs for its communication infrastructure.


Assuming we have a good understanding of the best development company blogs on the Internet, we'd like to sum up.

It's important to know that following a website development blog is necessary if you want to stay up-to-date and in touch with other developer communities.

If you consider it from any angle, you will learn new ways other developers solve problems as you learn to code. This gives you a smart way to learn more about coding and improve your web development skills. We'll leave you with the suggestion that you start your development blog so that you can share solutions with developers all over the world.

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