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Developing Chrome Extensions: A Few Tips to Consider

By manuals.Dev Staff

Google Chrome had about 70% of the market share for desktop internet browsers worldwide. This was an increase of about 13% in just three years. It's fast, easy to use, simple, and safe, but its real strength comes from its large number of extensions and add-ons.

The enormous selection of Chrome extensions offered in the Chrome store allows for adding new functionality or modifying current functionality to improve user convenience. As a well-known custom chrome extension development company, clients often ask us why they should make chrome extensions. This article will discuss what chrome extension development is for and what you should think about before hiring someone.

Before deciding whether to make Chrome extensions, let's look at what small Gmail extensions can do for a business. You can do much with the Gmail extension without opening a new Chrome tab. For example, you can track emails, set up meetings, schedule outgoing emails, look up emails when you're offline, check your grammar, and more.

Businesses can reach new heights with the help of extensions. With the right Chrome extension, you can automate and streamline business tasks that would otherwise take a lot of work. Please look at one of our articles to learn why chrome extensions are important and how businesses can make more money by making chrome extensions.

Take a look at some tips you should remember before making a Chrome extension.

Chrome Environment Intelligence

Before developing, ensure you know at least a little about the chrome architecture. The docs don't need to be read in detail, but you should understand how it works.

Make sure it doesn't increase browser memory.

One essential thing to remember is that even though chrome extensions are helpful, they may sometimes have the unintended side effect of using up more browser RAM and slowing down the browser.

Ensure your developer utilizes the same version of the javascript library for the extensions the site needs even before the first line of code is created.

It is also suggested to use plain JavaScript when you don't need to load complicated libraries. One can also reduce the number of files by using libraries already on the page.

Support Google Accounts

Ensure that Google accounts are supported if your Chrome extension needs a user login. This is because when users buy or install an extension from the Chrome Web Store, they are probably already signed in to their Google account. So, reducing the number of logins makes it better for the user.

Know where user passwords are So you can store data as either window.localStorage OR comes highly recommended from us at BinaryFolks. This is because HTML5 storage is used for window.localStorage. Unless that is running in the background, the data can be stored for a specific domain. Therefore, unless localStorage is used in the background page, it is impossible to transfer data across various web pages.

Chrome extension's statistics

On the other hand, was designed specifically for Chrome Extensions to save data at a more centralized location. Therefore, each expansion will have its own space where objects may be stored. It can contain any quantity of data and has the authorization to store a limitless amount of data. Additionally, if extensions sync is enabled, it can be synced automatically across different instances of Chrome that are logged into the same account.

In addition, the fundamental principles of Chrome state that user data should be preserved for at least a month after a subscription is terminated or a chrome extension is removed, whichever comes first. There are numerous circumstances under which a person can decide to unsubscribe from a service or remove an application, and even if they did so on purpose, they still might return.

Observe the few basic guidelines.

When Distributing a Chrome Extension to the Google Play Store.

Choosing your major app category is vital after the construction of the chrome extension has been completed since it will affect where your app appears in the web store. Regardless of how obvious your goals may seem, it would be best to accomplish them by doing this. You will be shown within the filtered category under the subcategory header under the subcategory heading, and you will be shown in the subcategory under the heading of the logically subdivided category.

Include keywords on your list to make searches more relevant or influence the categories used in the future. Most of the time, Chrome extensions are included in the Chrome store nearly immediately after they pass an automatic review procedure. There is a possibility that the mobile application may need manual inspection at some point before it is made available to the public.

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