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Improving Your Ability To Communicate As A Developer

By manuals.Dev Staff

Software developers need to be able to talk to other people as part of their job. You will often communicate as a software developer with other developers on your team, non-technical team members, stakeholders, and users of your program.

If you have good communication skills, you'll be able to work well with your team and other people by getting your messages across clearly.

The area of software development is technical; therefore, gaining technical abilities frequently takes precedence over developing other talents. But you could say that communication skills are just as important as technical skills. Software teams fail more often because of communication problems than technical problems.

People often expect software developers to have good communication skills. But this is not how things are. Most software developers don't have good communication skills or don't work on them enough. Just like with technical skills, you need to improve your communication skills. Learning how to communicate in writing and in person is important.

Developing your communication skills as a software developer will be the subject of this article.

Learn to understand.

The most important skill to learn to become an effective communicator is listening. This is because good communication happens when everyone agrees on what is being said.

Even more so, in a highly technical job like software development, people need to understand each other. Different views on implementing something can lead to mistakes and bugs, longer project timelines, and disappointment when expectations aren't met.

People often speak before the person they are talking to is done. We stop listening when we think of an opposing point or what we think is a better idea.

To get better at talking to people, you need to learn not to talk over them. Give the other person your full attention. Before you add to the conversation, give them time to say everything they want. When you're ready to say something, it's a good idea to quickly paraphrase what the other person just said, so it's clear that you understand what they're saying.

Your body language is also very important when listening to someone talk to you. You can demonstrate respect for the other person by actively participating in the conversation. Make as much eye contact as you feel comfortable, stand or sit with good posture, and pay attention to what is being said.

Listening is the most important part of good communication, so as a software developer, it should be the first skill you work on getting better at.

Show people your work.

The ability to communicate with other people is essential for software developers. This is how good teams start to work together. When discussing what you created, why you built it, and how you did it, you must articulate yourself effectively.

You must figure out the right way to communicate based on the situation. Most of the time, you'll interact with other developers and can speak to them technically. Other times, you'll be talking to people who aren't experts in your field, and you'll need to make sure they understand what you're saying without using technical terms.

Presenting your work to others is a great way to improve your spoken communication skills. Show your team and other people what you've done. Sign up to be the presenter at your workplace's team demos, code reviews, stand-ups, and other similar events.

Always ask a few people what they think of your work after showing it to them. Use the comments to help you make your next presentation better. You will get better at putting your ideas into words and talking about your work as time progresses. You will also experience less stress when showing your work to others.

Talk at events and meetings.

Software developers can get very nervous when they have to speak in public. Giving a talk at a software meetup or conference is a great way to improve your public speaking skills.

Find local meetups or conferences and apply to speak about a subject you're interested in. Once you've been chosen to speak at a meetup or conference, you'll need to prepare to give a great talk. This is where everything is learned.

You'll need to learn how to make good eye contact with the audience, speak loudly enough for everyone to hear you, stand up straight, and speak clearly, among other things. All these skills that will help you give a great speech will also help you talk to people better.

If you keep speaking publicly, you'll get better at talking to people.

Write documentation

Documentation writing is a great and free way to improve your written communication skills. As a software developer on a team, you will have many chances to write some necessary documentation.

Examples of documentation created by software developers include deploying notes, code review notes, user instructions, API documentation, issue reports, and product/project ideas. Writing these documents in a way that makes sense to the readers is important.

Volunteer to produce some paperwork to enhance your written communication abilities when the chance arises. Always ask the people who will read the documentation you write what they think about it. This will help you get better at writing when you do it again.

You can write technical or non-technical documentation. Both are important parts of how software developers talk to each other daily.

Last thing to say

Having clear and direct communication skills is essential for a successful career in software development. Software developers rarely work alone. Other developers, stakeholders, users, and many other people are involved.

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