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Why Every Developer Needs To Have A Blog

By manuals.Dev Staff

Whether it's fixing a problem or introducing new features that will make the customer's life simpler, your primary responsibility as a developer is to provide something of value for the client. However, a few engineers often ignore the code to work on something completely different.

They publish articles on their blog, tweets, and postings on LinkedIn. They might create films and podcasts for YouTube and engage in online forums and private groups. Some even make their way into social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. They are responsible for the production of the material.

However, what does content existence have to do with producing code?

At first sight, it doesn't seem like much. However, content production talents might be an excellent supplement to the information and abilities you already possess if you are a developer. And when you utilize them in conjunction with one another, you may advance your career and increase your influence while also assisting others.

Improve your communication abilities

In a perfect world, every developer would maintain their blog. You are not merely writing a blog or sending a Tweet when you generate content; you are sharing your thoughts with an audience. This is good practice for any business where you must create emails and paperwork that is easy to understand.

Conserve information

Writing about anything you've learned or experienced may help you digest the information, organize your ideas, and keep the material in your memory for a longer time. When you produce and publish a piece of material, you and the people who read it have the opportunity to gain new knowledge.

Do not hide

A great way to present yourself to potential employers, customers, and coworkers is to put yourself out there through the content you've created. When someone searches for your particular skills and capabilities, they will have a much better chance of finding you if your digital footprint is larger. This means that if you have Tweeted frequently, posted on LinkedIn, written blog articles, or appeared on someone's podcast, you will increase the likelihood that they will find you.

Create a social web

You are familiar with the proverb, "it's not what you know, but who you know." It is a terrific method to grow your network, connect with other people, and assist them in getting to know you better if you create content and share it with others. When you continuously show up, it helps keep you at the forefront of people's minds, strengthens your ties, and even builds your community. For instance, a prospective employer may remember your post on LinkedIn that discusses a particular issue you've handled and decide to hire you due to that memory.

Get clients

Even if you're completely tied up with work as a freelance web developer, you may escape the awful cycle of feasting and starving if you continuously advertise yourself to potential clients. Sharing a few pieces of content each week can help you show up in front of new customers searching for your services while also allowing you to keep in contact with former clients who may employ you again or suggest someone else to you. This will help you show up in front of new clients looking for your services. Because of this, the likelihood of having a free slot in your calendar decreases, but the likelihood of having perfect customers approach you with offers is significantly increased. Additionally, being in demand enables you to command a higher price for your services.

Develop your career.

Even if you are not a freelancer, content creation may play a significant part in the development of your profession. Sharing information that has been given careful consideration may increase the likelihood that recruiters, employers, and even your management team will take note of you. When you show up more, go above and beyond what's expected of you, assist others out of the goodness of your heart, share your expertise, and contribute value, wonderful things happen. It has the potential to get you speaking engagements, promotions, important contacts, and better prospects, all of which will propel your career forward.

Acquire clientele

Additionally, developers can provide content for the firm for which they work. The point of view of the developer has the potential to provide a great deal of added value to the material that the marketing team produces. It may help build trust and a better connection between a brand and its consumers when they hear directly from the individuals who develop the items they buy.

If you ever decide to manufacture and sell things under your brand, content may also give you a head start. You will already have expertise selling yourself, as well as an audience interested in what you offer. This may be enough to get your side business off the ground!

Like helping others?

The majority of developers have expertise and information that may be beneficial to others. If you share tales, insights, recommendations, or lessons with your clients, you may assist them in developing a more positive attitude about using your product. Alternatively, you may establish a blog geared for developers to assist your colleagues in gaining new skills or in feeling as if they are less alone in their experiences.

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